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Debra A. Woog, President of connect2 Corporation, specializes in coaching professionals to accelerate success with outstanding interpersonal and intrapersonal communications.
Debra A. Woog
Brilliance-Based Success
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Come share your experience and learn from my brand new content.  You'll walk away with new strategies for yourself, your teammates, and your loved ones. 

Let's discuss where we are struggling and how we can shift to leading by giving of ourselves without depleting ourselves.
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Women Professionals Are
Close to Killing Themselves

We respect privacy. Information collected
through this site will NEVER be shared with or
sold to other organizations.
Professionals, especially women, are under tremendous stress, and it's affecting us personally in our health, relationships, and business.
According to the American Institute of Stress:

  • Stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human illness and disease

  • 54% of Americans say stress has caused them to fight with the people close to them

  • Stress-related healthcare and missed work time costs US companies (including microbusinesses!) a whopping $300 Billion annually

  • 48% of Americans feel their stress has increased over the past 5 years
Two months ago someone near and dear to me attempted suicide, a single working mom who cares for an ill parent on top of it all.  Thank goodness she survived without long-term physical damage.  But when I heard the awful news I thought, "There but for the grace of G-d go I.  And some of my friends.  And many leaders in our community."

Given statistics combined with anecdotal evidence, I am deeply concerned about the working professionals in my community.  I'm seeing a dangerous phenomenon: HyperCompentence

Too many professionals in our society base their lives around other people's expectations.  And too often, those varying versions of "success" blatantly contradict each other.  When you operate from a vision that isn't based on you, you feel disconnected - from your deep needs, true priorities, and most important values - as well as utterly drained.  Moreover, your desire to "fix" often backfires on people you lead or love.
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On August 6, at 12PM Eastern (9 AM Pacific, I'm leading a no-cost, virtual tele-conversation and teaching:
The High Cost of HyperCompentence & Its Cure.

How often do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or worn out?

Are you afraid you'll lose money? Time? Respect from others?

Who do you lead or love who feels this way? 

It's time we learn to celebrate our enoughness rather than chase accomplishments that feel less than profoundly meaningful.  It's time for us to learn and lead from our unique definitions of success, so that our lives as working professionals become easier, we achieve more satisfying goals, and our energy becomes more of a naturally renewable resource.

From the bottom of my heart, I invite you to allocate one hour to voicing your thoughts and feelings
and to learning
some practical solutions.